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SDS 2500 front displays 299 


The SDS-2500 is a cost effective quad splitter & switcher, capable of accepting any of 4 HDMI or VGA input signals and outputting the selected images in various positions on a single display.

The SDS-2500 can create multiple effects including quad split, Picture in Picture (PiP) and Picture of Picture (PoP), outputting as a 1080p image. Output video signal formats include HDMI, RGBHV and composite video together with stereo audio. Input resolutions ranging from 480i/p to 1080p  can be accepted and scaled accordingly.


 SDS 3500 299displays


The SDS-3500 is a cost effective multi-functioned switcher, capable of accepting any of 4 HDMI or DVI input signals and outputting the selected image as a 2x2 composite using 4 displays arranged as a video wall array.

Switching between the 4 inputs is quick and seamless without any picture loss or frame glitching.

The SDS-3500 can also be configured as a standard 4x4 matrix with seamless switching to all 4 outputs with a simple press of a button on the front panel.

 MDX 8x8 Front 299


The MDX-8x8 chassis offers an unprecedented level of both switching and distribution functionality for high resolution HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI. Legacy products are also catered for with analogue input cards capable of accepting RGBHV, YPrPb, Y/C and PAL/NTSC all of which can be up-scaled to 1080p resolution.

By combining Seamless video switching with modular input and output modules Smart-e sets a new benchmark for complete integrated AV solutions, all of which can be controlled easily via either IP, RS232 and keypad.



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CAT 5-8 STP cabling.

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