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A range of flexible & cost
effective HDMI extenders for
distances up to 100m of
standard CAT5e-8 cable.
HDMI digital
HDMI/HDCP compliant
Supports HDMI, DVI & DisplayPort formats
Single 100m CAT5e-8 cable
Deep Colour, 3D, 4K & 2K resolutions
19” x 1U rack for up to 4 x units
Secure HDMI connector
Transparent RS232 passthrough
Options for USB and extra audio channels
Wide bandwidth IR transmission
Supports 1920x1200 @ 60Hz
Locking DC connector
High ground loop immunity
Point-to-point HDMI digital extenders
These extenders consist of a transmitter and receiver pair
designed to extend HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort, together with
reverse IR and bi-directional RS232 signals, using the
latest digital technology, over a single 100m cable.
The units use HDbaseT technology to extend 12 bit
Deep Colour 3D, 4K and 2K resolutions together with
1080p @ 60Hz. Wide band infra-red via external adapters
(SM-EYEN and SM-LED) and RS232 signals are extended through the same
CAT5e-8 cable, together with 24V DC inline power. Each box features fixing
holes to facilitate ease of installation and 4 units can fit side-by-side on a 1U
19” rack shelf.
Models in this family
: Base model HDMI extender with IR & RS232
: Additional audio channel, S/P DIF or analogue
: Featuring USB V2 extension
t: +44 (0) 1306 628264
Application showing SDS-901