VMX16x16Video Wall Matrixes

Smart-e’s new VMX range of products combines video wall and matrix technology into an easily workable and cost-effective package, ideal for command and control centres of all kinds; from traffic and network management to data centres and emergency services.

Smart-e’s trademark flexibility shines through these new devices, Modular I/O and seamless switching matrices combine with output video wall processing to allow for an unprecedented level of switching, distribution and processing functionality for high resolution HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI. This is enhanced by the range of products available, which accommodate video walls of 8x8 16x16 and 36x36 connected displays.

VMX products come with Seamless video switching and modular input and output blades as standard, pushing the boundaries of integrated AV solutions and allowing for centralised control via IP, RS232 and keypad. The entire range is also accommodating of analogue input cards, accepting RGBHV, YPrPb, Y/C and PAL/NTSC, and allowing up-scaling to 1080p resolution.

Jon Lane, Smart-e’s managing director, had this to say: The VMX series is the ultimate in video wall control. An accumulation of our extension knowledge of switching matrices together with video processing and software control add to provide the user with a very flexible and reliable solution. Current sizes include 8, 16 and 36 display configurations which are able to match the most demanding of applications”

All models in the VMX range come with full HDCP compliance and incorporate enhanced EDID management, allowing for multi-channel signal switching and distribution for Commercial, Educational and Residential solutions. Built with size in mind, compact 2U (8x8), 3U (16x16) and 7U (36x36) 19” rack mounting chassis make for a smartly designed and space-saving model that can be easily installed where necessary.  

The VMX series is available direct from Smart-e and its distributor network. To assist with the installation process and technical queries, Smart-e is also providing dedicated product training sessions for installers. All Smart-e equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and a high level of unlimited technical support.

SDS 1001 H2

Interactive panel extenders 

We at Smart-e are pleased to introduce the latest update to our highly successful Wall Plate Extender series, the SDS-1001-H. Based on the SDS-1001, the newest feature is the addition of an internal USB V2.0 hub in the receiver, which allows the SDS-1001-H to operate in tandem with the latest interactive touchscreens.

The SDS-1001-H is a transmitter/receiver pair designed to extend signals beyond their standard specification, creating an easy solution to the problem of increasing the range of existing systems. The SDS-1001-H allows for the extension of interactive touchscreens to 30m, as well as being able to provide the services of all previous SDS series models. These include extending 1080p HDMI, VGA and stereo audio together with USB and power through three CAT6 STP cables.

The original SDS-1001 has been an education favourite since its release five years ago, and has been installed successfully in thousands of schools, colleges and universities worldwide. The incorporation of the USB V2.0 hub further enhances the appeal of the SDS series to the modern, technologically minded school.

As Will Lane, Smart-e’s Marketing Executive states, “The SDS series has long been one of Smart-e’s most popular education solutions, and the SDS-1001-H applies Smart-e’s signature quality to the latest interactive panel technology, putting Smart-e firmly on the map in the emerging touchscreen market.”

The convenience and ease of install makes the SDS-1001-H ideal for classrooms and lecture halls, providing a reliable method of extending the necessary connectivity from the PC to the display. This ensures that the PC installation can be situated in a more protected environment, reducing the risk of damage or wear to expensive hardware.

All SDS-1001-H models are manufactured in the UK to the highest standard, and Smart-e can provide direct support to customers and installers at no extra cost. The SDS-1001-H has been extensively tested with Promethean, SMART Technology and Clevertouch interactive panels to ensure the highest level of performance across multiple interactive touch systems. The SDS-1001-H is already installed in number of sites around the UK, and it can be seen and demonstrated at Paragon Multimedia’s demonstration facility in Berkshire.

Grant Allen Managing Director of Paragon Multimedia said of Smart-e: “Working with Smart-e over the last few years has proven to be a positive experience for both parties, our co-operation in the development of integrated interactive flat panel technology has helped to create exciting new opportunities for us within the AV industry.”

The SDS-1001-H is available direct from Smart-e and its distributor network. To assist with the installation process and technical queries, Smart-e is also providing dedicated product training sessions for installers. All Smart-e equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and a high level of unlimited technical support. 

Smart-e 4K-TX940

4K TX940RX 1200

Smart-e is once again at the forefront of the AV industry with the introduction of the 4K-TX940, one of the first true HDCP 2.2 4K HDBaseT splitters on the market. The 4K-TX940 boasts four HDBaseT ports, allowing for high quality 4K video to be distributed to up to four displays using the 4K-RX940 HDBaseT receivers. A looping HDMI input on the rear panel allows for cascading of multiple 4K-TX940 units, increasing the number of possible displays and future proofing the installation.

The input device is connected via HDMI to the rear of the 4K-TX940, the signal is split internally and then fed to 4 separate HDBaseT outputs. These outputs can then be connected across Cat 6 cables to the receivers, or alternatively directly connected to the displays should they have an HDBaseT input. For optimal results and guaranteed remote power we recommend using Smart-e’s own 4K-RX940 receivers.

After connection to a receiver the 4K-TX940 is capable of transmitting HDMI signals over 100m in up to 4K UHD resolution. In addition, each HDBaseT connection also allows for Infrared signals to be received back from the receiver, enabling remote control of the source device.

Power is provided from the 4K-TX940 through the same Cat 6 cable removing the need for bulky PSUs at the display end, a secure lockable DC connector on the splitter provides the required, reliable power connection. Additionally, the 4K-TX940 comes complete with enhanced EDID management, allowing customers to set their preferred output resolution with minimal fuss.

Suitable for all aspects of the AV market, from education to the corporate sector, the 4K-TX940 transmits crystal clear 4K video within a compact and sleek exterior, making it the ideal product for high quality AV solutions.

4K 9000 angled 199

Handheld HDBaseT tester 

Smart-e launch their first test products, the 4K-9000 series of HDBaseT testers. These comprehensive test tools come with a suite of measurements enabling the installer to easily identify and then rectify problems.

Based on over 5 years’ designing with HDBaseT and over 30 years’ experience in the AV and Broadcast market, Smart-e have used their extensive technical knowledge to produce a pair of testers capable of measuring: cable length, signal strength, bit error rate (BER) whilst allowing for firmware updates to the Valens chip set. Future upgrades will also provide an app for real time data gathering.

As Jon Lane, Smart-e’s Managing Director says “There is nothing more frustrating than completing an installation only to find that there is no image on the screen. In the old analogue days, it was relatively easy to find the problem but now in the world of digital the problem is where to start! This is where our testers come into play, giving the installer information about the problem, pointing to where the issue might be”

The 4K-9000 testers can also be used to ratify an installation or provide confirmation that an existing installation is HDBaseT ready, this allows an installer to provide a chargeable service to the client.

The testers come in 2 versions, a transmitter 4K-TX9000 and receiver 4K-RX9000, both units support native HDMI and DVI. Transparent DDC connectivity provides HDCP V2.2 & V1.4 compatibility whilst a 10.2 Gbps through-put enables 4K resolutions for 4:4:4 colour space @30Hz, or 4:2:0 @ 60Hz together with Deep Colour, 3D, 2K and 1080p resolutions.

The 4K-9000 testers are available direct from Smart-e and its distributor network. To assist with the installation process and technical queries, Smart-e is also providing dedicated product training sessions for installers. All Smart-e equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and a high level of unlimited technical support.

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