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HDBaseT Matrix Switcher

With the introduction of the 4K-8x8-L, Smart-e reclaims its place as a provider of quality, all in one HDBaseT matrix solutions. The 4K-8x8-L is a multipoint to multipoint HDBaseT matrix switcher, supporting eight HDMI inputs with eight HDBaseT/HDMI mirrored outputs, in addition to eight audio inputs/outputs and ten infra-red inputs/outputs. The highly versatile nature of the matrix makes it ideal for use in residential and commercial settings, while its small size allows it to fit easily into any available space.

The 4K-8x8-L is HDCP 2.2 compatible, making it a true 4K UHD matrix and future proofing any installation. HDBaseT outputs extend the signals up to 70m of Cat 6 cable, which together with remote powering of the receiver units make any installation quick and easy. Each dual output simultaneously transmits via both HDMI and HDBaseT connections, allowing for up to sixteen displays in total from the matrix.

Complementing this, the 4K-8x8-L has the ability to embed and de-embed audio at the input and output respectively. Eight digital (S/PDIF) and analogue stereo audio connections are available for inserting or extracting audio from the HDMI signal.

The 4K-8x8-L can be controlled either through a standard ethernet connection, RS232 and front panel buttons allowing for maximum applicability to any potential control system. The addition of multiple infra-red ports provides a method of transmitting and receiving IR signals to and from the displays, allowing the 4K-8x8-L to cope with many different installation requirements.

The 4K-8x8-L is a great benefit to any home AV installation, allowing for a centralised, flexible control matrix that removes the need for untidy AV boxes scattered around the house. Rather than having individual boxes installed local to screens, all AV sources can be centralised by feeding them directly into the matrix, allowing control and video distribution to all rooms through a simple receiver unit.

In a commercial setting an additional advantage of the 4K-8x8-L is the ease of security of a centralised control matrix, since an individual matrix can be locked away from danger far easier than a collection of different control inputs.

The 4K-8x8-L is available direct from Smart-e and its distributor network. To assist with the installation process and technical queries, Smart-e is also providing dedicated product training sessions for installers. All Smart-e equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and a high level of unlimited technical support.

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