Smart-e 4K-9:9 'Neso'

Neso 1080

Modular HDMI/HDBaseT Distribution Unit

Smart-e are delighted to introduce the first in Smart-e’s new ‘Neptune’ range, the 4K 9:9 ‘Neso’. The Neso is a modular channel distribution unit, built with ease of installation and maintenance in mind. Smart-e’s many years of experience designing for and working alongside some of the best installers in the business has given us a unique perspective on the installation process, and we believe this new product is perfect for the installation and upkeep of medium to large scale AV projects. 

Extending high speed video signals is one of those unseen but essential aspects of AV installations, and while individual TX/RX pair devices with separate PSUs can do the job, a modular unit is ideal for any installer looking to create a compact, reliable and future proofed installation for the client.

To accomplish this, the Neso allows for up to nine 4Konnect modules to be housed conveniently in a 19” rack mounting unit, capable of transmitting or receiving up to 9 different 4K UHD video signals and then repeating them to over 100m of CAT 6 cable. An integrated internal PSU powers all modules and provides inline power to the external transmitter and receivers, removing the need for external power supplies.

Each bay has a universal connection system allowing either a transmit or receive module to be installed. This approach enables the installer to select which combination of input/output modules to suit their individual application. Modules can be added later providing on-site expansion capability, including:

  • 4K-MOD-IO ‘Meteor’: A HDMI input/output module designed to provide a native 4K HDMI connection
  • 4K-MOD-TXF ‘Asteroid’: An HDBT transmitter module capable of transmitting UHD resolution video over 100m of Cat6 cable
  • 4K-MOD-RXF ‘Comet’: An HDBaseT receiver module capable of receiving UHD resolution video over 100m of Cat6 cable

These 4Konnect modules can be mixed and matched to create a versatile solution to any installation requirements. The modular nature of the Neso allows for the mixing of CAT 6 TX & RX modules together with local HDMI pass through, providing the installer with a flexible and efficient method of designing a flexible, future proofed, reliable and easily to repair installation.

Each module position supports full HDMI digital video and embedded audio, with compatibility for HD 720p, 1080p, Ultra HD 2K and 4K resolutions together with pass through support for EDID, HDCP, CEC and control protocols. Each bay also allows for full duplex RS232 and reverse path IR.

The 4K-9:9 can be interconnected with any other 4Konnect modular product which allows the designer to configure the install exactly as needed. The 1RU 19-inch form factor of the 4K-9:9 enables the device to be conveniently mounted within an AV rack, cabinet or credenza, using detachable rack ears.

The Neso excels in its role as a channel distribution unit, and ca be used in a variety of installations including video walls extensions, command and control centres, repeat solutions between buildings and emergency control vehicles.

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