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Smart-e VMX – 8×8, 16×16 and 36×36 series

Smart-e VMX – 8x8, 16x16 and 36x36 series Video Wall Matrixes Smart-e’s new VMX range of products combines video wall and matrix technology into an easily workable and cost-effective package, ideal for command and control centres of all kinds; from traffic and network management to data centres and emergency services. Smart-e’s trademark flexibility shines through these new devices, Modular I/O and seamless switching matrices combine with output video wall processing to allow for an unprecedented level of switching, distribution and processing functionality for high resolution HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT and 3G-SDI. This is enhanced by the range of products ...read more »

Smart-e VMX – 8×8, 16×16 and 36×36 series2019-12-20T13:18:15+00:00

Smart-e SDS-2500 ‘Hydra’

Smart-e SDS-2500 'Hydra' Smart-e is proud to present the first product in our new ‘Pluto’ Video Processing range, the SDS-2500 'Hydra'. Like its namesake, the Hydra is multi-faceted, able to act as a 2x2 video wall processor, a 4x4 seamless switching and scaling matrix and includes the ability to act as a quad-split PIP/POP processor with multiple user select layouts. Fully HDCP compliant, the Hydra supports four multi-format (HDMI and VGA) inputs, and four HDMI outputs, with additional support for analogue audio and composite video inputs. The unit outputs at full 1080p @60Hz 36-bit colour depth creating a vivid and immersive picture, perfect ...read more »

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Smart-e 4K-5W155 ‘Deimos’

4K KVM/CAT 6/Fibre Extender More than 10 years ago Smart-e released the world’s first multipurpose transmitter/receiver Cat 5 extender pair, the SLX-111. Known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of AV products on account of its multitude of features, it became a true classic of the analogue age. We at Smart-e have built upon this legacy, and are proud to announce the 4K-5W155 ‘Deimos’, our digital successor to the SLX-111. Designed with adaptability in mind, the Deimos is a multi-featured extender capable of transmitting 4K resolution video signals up to 60Km on fibre or 100m of Cat 6 cable ...read more »

Smart-e 4K-5W155 ‘Deimos’2019-12-20T13:06:58+00:00

Smart-e MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’

Modular Matrix w/Inbuilt Video Wall Processor Smart-e are proud to announce the first in our new ‘Jupiter’ matrix range, the MDX-8x8+ ‘Io’. The MDX-8x8+ ‘Io’ is a marked improvement over the original MDX-8x8, boasting improved control functionality through Web Browser support, Front Panel control and the 'mix and match' of matrix and Video Wall processing. By combining Seamless video switching with modular input and output modules Smart-e sets a new benchmark for complete integrated AV solutions, all of which can be controlled either via our new Front Panel display and internal web browser, or via the traditional IP and ...read more »

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