The 4K-2500 is a triple play video processor capable of acting as a video wall processor, a 4×4 seamless switching/scaling matrix, and includes the ability to act as a quad-split PIP/POP processor with multiple user select layouts.

Key Features

  • Flexible video wall controller
  • Quad split PIP/POP
  • 4×4 seamless switcher
  • 4K @ 30Hz/ 1080p @60Hz
  • 36 bit colour depth
  • HDCP 2.2/1.4 compliant
  • Multiple control options

The Smart-e 4K-2500 is a highly integrated compact unit capable of multiple functions using its internal processing engine. The 4K-2500 can be used as a 4×4 seamless switching and scaling matrix, a comprehensive video wall processor and the added ability to act as a quad-split PIP/POP processor with multiple user selectable layout options.

Flexible video wall configurations for 4 displays are possible as 2×2 rectangles or as long and thin images with 1×4 or 4×1 setups. To maintain image quality, each individual output can be set to various aspect ratios matching the native resolution of the displays. It is also possible to create a virtual 4K display by using 1080p displays in a 2×2 configuration. The 4K-2500 has a flexible and comprehensive multi-viewer function allowing up to 4 inputs in various positions to be shown on a single 4K display.

Stereo 2 channel audio can be accommodated as an embedded signal within the HDMI feed, and each output has an adjustable delay up to 250ms in steps of 10ms to compensate for the video processing time. Multiple control options are provided including: front panel button control, infra-red control via the provided handset or remote-control options of RS232 or TCP/IP for interfacing to an external control system.

The 4K-2500 is contained in a compact 1U 19″ rack mounting chassis supplied with a 12V external PSU and remote control.


  • Video processing engine
  • Flexible video wall controller
  • Quad split PIP & POP
  • 4×4 seamless switcher
  • Image mirroring
  • Picture rotation
  • Supports 4K @ 30Hz
  • HDCP 2.2/1.4 compliant
  • HDMI 2.0  & DVI 1.0
  • CEC compliant
  • HDMI inputs x 4
  • Embedded stereo audio
  • HDMI output x 4
  • Front panel control
  • EDID management
  • 19″ rack mounting
  • RS232 & IR control
  • Ethernet control


Application Examples


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