Smart-e VMX – 8×8, 16×16 and 36×36 series

Smart-e VMX – 8x8, 16x16 and 36x36 series Video Wall Matrixes Smart-e’s new VMX range of products combines video wall and matrix technology into an easily workable and cost-effective package, ideal for command and control centres of all kinds; from traffic and network management to data centres and emergency services. Smart-e’s trademark flexibility shines through these new devices, more »

Smart-e SDS-2500 ‘Hydra’

Smart-e SDS-2500 'Hydra' Smart-e is proud to present the first product in our new ‘Pluto’ Video Processing range, the SDS-2500 'Hydra'. Like its namesake, the Hydra is multi-faceted, able to act as a 2x2 video wall processor, a 4x4 seamless switching and scaling matrix and includes the ability to act as a quad-split PIP/POP processor with multiple user select layouts. Fully HDCP compliant, more »

Smart-e 4K-5W155 ‘Deimos’

4K KVM/CAT 6/Fibre Extender More than 10 years ago Smart-e released the world’s first multipurpose transmitter/receiver Cat 5 extender pair, the SLX-111. Known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of AV products on account of its multitude of features, it became a true classic of the analogue age. We at Smart-e have built upon this legacy, and are proud more »

Smart-e MDX-8×8+ ‘Io’

Modular Matrix w/Inbuilt Video Wall Processor Smart-e are proud to announce the first in our new ‘Jupiter’ matrix range, the MDX-8x8+ ‘Io’. The MDX-8x8+ ‘Io’ is a marked improvement over the original MDX-8x8, boasting improved control functionality through Web Browser support, Front Panel control and the 'mix and match' of matrix and Video Wall processing. By combining Seamless more »