Flexible and comprehensive wall plate solution using Cat 6/6A STP/FTP cable up to 70m.

Key Features

  • HDMI, DVI & Display Port
  • RGBHV with audio
  • Digitize analogue input
  • 1080p, 3D compatible
  • 3D compatible & HDCP compliant
  • Signals over a single 70m CAT 6/6A cable
  • Simple button selection
  • Priority switch option

The SDS-911-WPA is a flexible and cost effective solution to extending HDMI, RGBHV and stereo audio. Consisting of a transmitter/receiver pair, the input signals can be connected via a convenient wall plate (double gang UK size), whilst the receiver unit can be installed up to 70m away.

The SDS-911-WPA is a two input wall transmitter capable of accepting HDMI signals together with analogue RGBHV signals up to 1080p. The wall plate will digitise and convert the RGBHV signal to HDMI and embed the audio. Selection of the signal type can be via the button control on the wall plate or by enabling the auto sense priority switch option. Power to the wall plate is derived from the CAt 6/6A cable provided by the remote receiver unit.

The SDS-911-WPA can connect to any other product in the SDS or 4Konnect range as an extender or pre-switch into a matrix.

As an extender the SDS-RX900 can be used to receive and convert back to a single HDMI connection to the display.


  • Digitizes RGBHV input
  • Embeds analogue audio when digitizing
  • 70m CAT 6/6A extension—HDBT
  • Uses easy to install single CAT 6/6A cable
  • HDMI, DVI-D & DisplayPort formats
  • High ground loop immunity
  • 1 CAT 6/6A STP/FTP cable
  • Receiver can supply remote power to wall plate (receiver dependant)
  • Uses HDBaseT technology
  • Button control & auto sense
  • Compact receiver units



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4K-RX725 (70m)

Connector Interface RJ45
Protocol HDBaseT Lite (70m)
EDID Support Pass-through
HDCP Support Pass-through
Resolution (Max) 4K 4096×2160 @ 30Hz
1920×1200 @ 60Hz
Audio Digital Embedded
Max Input Cable Length Up to 70m
Power 24V POH
Dimensions 70 x 65 x 25 (mm)