Flexible and comprehensive professional USB switch and distribution over CAT 6/6A STP.

Key Features

  • Supports USB V1.1 & 2.0
  • Outputs can reach up to 50m
  • Single CAT 6/6A STP cable for USB and power
  • 4 port USB hub receivers
  • Use with Smart-e video matrix for an integrated KVM solution
  • RS422 control using Smart-e standard protocol
  • Independent control panel

The USB-24×8 is a USB switch with CAT 6/6A outputs. The unit allows the selection and transmission of up to 24 different computers to up to 8 peripherals e.g. Touch screen, Mouse, Keyboard. The peripherals can be located at distances of up to 50m of CAT 6/6A cable.

The USB-24×8 offers a cost effective solution of connecting multiple computers to multiple USB peripherals. Up to 24 independent PCs can be selected to up to 8 different peripherals.

Full speed 12 Mbps connectivity is achievable for both USB V1.1 and V2 devices. Selection of PCs is via a RS422 control port on the front of the unit using standard Smart-e protocol. There is also a control panel option allowing individual user selection.

The unit can be populated with 8 way modules allowing flexible configurations to match system requiremen.

The USB-8×8 is designed to fit easily into standard 19” racks and is quick and easy to install with minimal configuration.


  • Uses easy to install, inexpensive CAT 6/6A STP
  • Outputs reach up to 50m
  • Supports USB V2.0 up to 12Mbps
  • Single CAT 6/6A for USB and power
  • Break before make switching
  • Available as an 24×4 or 24×8
  • Supplies remote power to receivers
  • Simple RS422 control
  • 4 port USB receiver hub
  • High ground loop immunity
  • Chassis fits standard 19″ racks
  • Uses Smart-e standard control protocol
  • Independent control panel
  • Use with a Smart-e video matrix for integrated KVM solution
  • 3 Year warranty



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4 port USB receiver hub

Convenient double gang UK plate. The remotely powered receiver can be installed up to 50m from the PC which each one able to connect up to four bus-powered USB periperals such as keyboard, mouse, memory stick and touch screen.