4K KVM/CAT 6/Fibre Extender

More than 10 years ago Smart-e released the world’s first multipurpose transmitter/receiver Cat 5 extender pair, the SLX-111. Known as the “Swiss Army Knife” of AV products on account of its multitude of features, it became a true classic of the analogue age.

We at Smart-e have built upon this legacy, and are proud to announce the 4K-5W155 ‘Deimos’, our digital successor to the SLX-111. Designed with adaptability in mind, the Deimos is a multi-featured extender capable of transmitting 4K resolution video signals up to 60Km on fibre or 100m of Cat 6 cable together with USB 2.0, full duplex RS232 and wide-band Infrared. The Deimos is ideal for KVM extension applications but can also be used for standard HDMI transmission use. In addition multiple receivers units can be combined together to create a video wall up to 16 displays .

Supporting both CAT 6/6A and optical fibre control means that the Deimos can be used in installations that do not use copper to copper connections, such as medical installs and many command and control centres. It also means that the Deimos can support hybrid CAT 6/Optical Fibre installs and can be used to bridge the gap between separate installations if necessary.

In addition to its adaptability, the Deimos has all other features that you would expect from a KVM extender, along with upgrades of the kind only Smart-e can provide. The Deimos’s support for 4K video allows for the extension of the highest quality consumer grade resolutions, while its USB 2.0 support makes it compatible with interactive touchscreens and other touch-based technology. EDID management allows for easy control of the unit, and HDCP 1.4 compliance ensures that the Deimos will work with all current screens and accessories.

Able to work with almost any installation do to its wide range of features, the Deimos is a must own for any installer unsure about what the future may bring. With the rise in Optical Fibre based installations across the industry, hybrid CAT 6/Optical Fibre installs may well become routine in the near future, and Smart-e’s 4K-5W155 “Deimos” allows the installer to plan for that eventuality now.