Smart-e SDS-2500 ‘Hydra’

Smart-e is proud to present the first product in our new ‘Pluto’ Video Processing range, the SDS-2500 ‘Hydra’. 

Like its namesake, the Hydra is multi-faceted, able to act as a 2×2 video wall processor, a 4×4 seamless switching and scaling matrix and includes the ability to act as a quad-split PIP/POP processor with multiple user select layouts. Fully HDCP compliant, the Hydra supports four multi-format (HDMI and VGA) inputs, and four HDMI outputs, with additional support for analogue audio and composite video inputs. The unit outputs at full 1080p @60Hz 36-bit colour depth creating a vivid and immersive picture, perfect for any installation requiring High Definition video.

Despite its small size the Hydra is a very powerful tool in any installer’s arsenal of solutions, comprehensive EDID management comes as standard allowing the installer to help cope with the many difficult situations that arise, while software is available for ease of setting up the unit quickly and efficiently for the client’s requirements.

The quad-split unit within the Hydra allows it to display up to four different images on a single screen, with both Picture In Picture and Picture On Picture options for display. The switching between different display types is seamless, providing a visually clean transition between sources. Additionally, the video wall unit allows for 2×2 processing, enabling four screens to be combined to show a single image.

The Hydra comprehensive control features allow for front panel buttons, infra-red handset and remote-control options of RS232 and TCP/IP.

This collection of different functions creates a very powerful and versatile product, allowing a single Hydra unit to perform the job of three different basic products. The Hydra is therefore a cost-effective solution for any project that requires more than one of its three functions, fitting in perfectly as part of a monitoring command and control centre. In addition, its compact size and wealth of functions makes it an excellent meeting/boardroom solution that covers all possible needs.

The Hydra is available direct from Smart-e and its distributor network. To assist with the installation process and technical queries, Smart-e is also providing dedicated product training sessions for installers. All Smart-e equipment comes with a 3-year warranty and a high level of unlimited technical support.