100m HDBaseT transmitter/receiver pair for DVI-D, Audio, IR & RS232

Key Features

  • DVI-D input
  • 3D compatible & HDCP compliant
  • Signals over a single 100m CAT 5e-8 cable
  • Uses HDBaseT technology

The SDS-922-DVI is a long range extender pair designed to extend DVI-D signals together with reverse IR and bidirection-al RS232 signals over a single twisted pair CAT 5e-8 cable. The units use HDbaseT technology to extend PC resolutions up to 1920×1200 @60Hz together with 1080p @60Hz.

The SDS-922-DVI is a robust professional product designed to facilitate the extension of high resolution digital video sig-nals. An audio embedding function on the transmitter allows a separate analogue audio source to be embedded into the DVI TMDS signal, whilst a looping input allows the user to monitor the transmitted signal.

Bi-directional IR transmission together with full duplex RS232 signals can be connected through the same CAT 5e-8 cable. Each box has convenient fixing holes for ease of installation.


  • DVI V1.0
  • Deep Colour
  • 100m of CAT 5e-8 STP cable
  • Supports 1920×1200 @60 Hz
  • Wide bandwidth IR transmission
  • Analogue audio input
  • Transparent RS232 pass-through
  • Secure DVI-D connector
  • DVI-D looping output on transmitter
  • Convenient fixing holes



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